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Big congratulations to Bill Leonard for his amazing Boston Marathon finish. WAY TO GO BILL!! What a day, what a run, what an effort. We are in awe!


               Bill with his new jacket!                                                                                                                   Bill's main support!   


Christmas 2017


                                   Doesn't Santa look familiar??


    Santa's favorite tree                   Santa's favorite movie....


                  Who ya gonna call, Charlie?


 Charlie at 4 months!!      Charlie and mom Tori



7/4/17  This just in!!! Congratulations to the Bill Huffman family for winning the Red Sox ticket raffle! Hope you and your family have a great time!!

6/7/17 We are giving away 4 RED SOX tickets this month!  FREE!  All patients are welcome to enter!  Stop by or call for more information!

Congratulations to Tori and Rob Karstedt on the arrival of Charles Alexander!      




Dr. Neal and Charlie spending quality time!

AND, our hygienist Kristina Folcik recently finished the Boston Marathon in 3:12!!  Way to go Kristina!!