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This is our waiting room! Here you'll find plenty of current magazines, daily newspapers, lots of dental brochures covering the latest topics, and fabulous patients just like yourself! Since we work hard to keep to the schedule every day, chances are you will do minimal "waiting!"  We have a new face at the front window! Erin will greet you with a big smile and review any necessary paperwork with you. 



                                 Erin Barnard

If you have dental insurance, you can count on Eileen to help you get the most from your plan.  We work with most insurance plans and file all of our claims electronically.  Eileen loves it when patients remember their insurance cards!! 


                              Eileen Adams

When you are here to have your teeth cleaned, your visit will be scheduled with one of our caring dental hygienists.  Each one has a unique approach to help you keep your teeth and gums healthy for your lifetime.


                           Luda Falcon, RDH                                          Kristina Folcik, RDH   



                                Tori Karsedt, RDH                                             Rebecca Cousins, RDH

If you are here to see Dr. Neal, one of his dental assistants will review the proposed treatment with you and answer all your questions. They work closely with the Dr. and have everything he needs ready for your appointment so they can spend more time focusing on what you might need.  They'll make your visit comfortable with their professional, caring manner.


                 Cathy Grubisa                            Heather Dillingham                        Joanne Cameron

 If you are in the area, please drop in!  We'd enjoy giving you a tour and answering your questions!